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At Ndloti Safari Adventures we offer the opportunity for Photographic Safari Adventures. Your photographic safari can include a trip to the Kruger National Park or the Addo Elephant Park.


If you are a professional photographer looking for the next best Buffalo photo or an amateur photographer looking for a tranquil setting with opportunities to test out your new camera gear, Ndloti Safari Adventures is the perfect setting for you.  

Safari Sunrise

game drives

Wildlife Game Drives

Wildlife game drives

We can accommodate five people per vehicle. There is one vehicle available for game drives that can seat two people on the back and three people in the front. There is space to stand on the back too.


Please contact us for prices and packages. Game drives can include snacks, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcholic) at one of our beautiful panoramic sundowner lookout points.

Mountain Biking
Cycling in Nature

mountain biking

There are two beautiful tracks suitable for mountain biking (the difficulty is 5/10) or hiking on the property for guests to enjoy at no extra charge. It does not form part of the big game area.

Kruger Tours

kruger national park tours

Kruger National Park is situated in the North-Eastern corner of South Africa, bordering Zimbabwe and Mozambique. 


This park is approximately 220 miles long and 40 miles wide and covers 7523 square miles and consists mainly of Bushveld shrub. 


Animals that could be seen include African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, White & Black Rhino, Hippo, Crocodile, Cheetah, African Wild Dog, Giraffe, Zebra and Impala, and many more plains game species.

The best time of year to book is March to May & August to October. The leaves have fallen from trees and not grown back so makes for better visibility).

We offer two Kruger National Park tour options:

Image by Charl Folscher

option 1

self drive with guide

Stay in one of the 21 rest camps in the Park with all-day drives and optional night drives. 


Typically spending two nights in a rest camp with a total of six nights stay in the park.

A Ndloti guide will facilitate and guide the entire tour and will also be responsible for all cooking and driving. Transport to and from OR Tambo is included. Unless requested, no time will be spent at Ndloti as this adds to the duration of the stay.

All food and drinks are included.


The maximum number of people that can be accommodated at a time is four people.


Book March-May and Aug-Oct

Safari Sunrise

option 2

greater kruger

This is the more expensive option.


Stay in a private lodge in the Greater Kruger region with a guided photo safari consisting of a morning and afternoon sunset drive every day.


An added optional feature is a bushwalk; an up-close and personal encounter with wildlife.  Typically spending 4-5 nights at the lodge.


A guide from Ndloti will accompany the safari but the group will primarily be guided by staff from the applicable lodge. Transport is included. No time spent at Ndloti unless requested. All food and drinks are included.


The maximum number of people that can be accommodated at a time is four people. Book any time of the year.

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