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If you are planning an international hunting trip to the beautiful South Africa, we are the ideal destination. We hunt from camp every day and offer a wide variety of species on the property which is roughly 6000 acres with 3500 acres high fenced.  The area is located in the Free-State Province of South Africa.  Landscapes are grassy and mountainous with lots of bush cover.  Strictly walk and stalk hunting is done on the property as the animals are habituated to the vehicles for photographic reasons.  



  • Springbuck - Common, Black, White, Copper and Kalahari

  • Impala

  • Blesbuck

  • Mountain Reedbuck                   

  • Kudu

  • Blue Wildebees

  • Black Wildebees

  • Red Hartebees

  • Gemsbuck (Oryx)

  • Nyala          

  • Common Reedbuck

  • Common Lechwe

  • Steenbuck

  • Vaal Rhebuck

  • Waterbuck  

  • Sable

  • African Buffalo

  • Warthog

  • Cape Eland

  • Zebra

  • Livingston Eland

South Africa

south africa


Ndloti days start with a hearty breakfast that includes freshly-baked confections like muffins, brown or white toast, baked eggs, crispy bacon and a variety of cereal and yoghurts.

Lunch time is a packed lunch served in the field. This can vary between a cold meat sandwich or a fresh burger patty from the animal shot in the morning.

Around the dinner table, we eat what we shoot (Backstrap, Steak, Tender Loins) to ensure an authentic conclusion after an adventurous day. 

Snacks like dried sausage, biltong, local nuts and chips are available throughout the day, . Occasionally, we have deep fried francolin breasts as well as our specialty starter liver and caul fat, a South African favourite.

Beef Steak



Enjoy the tranquility of nature in newly-built, spacious chalets that overlook the beautiful mountainous plains. Bathrooms are en-suite with a shower, toilet and separate outdoor shower. All chalets are well ventilated with opening stacker doors, large windows and ceiling fans. For winter times, there are wood-fired combustion stoves in each chalet. Each chalet has a coffee station with pure drinkable tap water.

Website visuals_Accommodation (2).png

Chalet 1

Sleeps 2 people

Single or Double beds

Website visuals_Accommodation (2).png

Chalet 2

Sleeps 2 people

Single or Double beds

Website visuals_Accommodation (2).png

Chalet 3

Sleeps 2 people

Single or Double beds

March - October
Game is available all year round

Hunting Packages

Contact the outfitter with specific animals you would like to hunt and a package will be customised for you. These packages can include all food and drinks for the entire duration of your stay. We also include airport pick up and drop-off from Braam Fischer International Airport in Bloemfontein. Packages exclude flight tickets, permits and taxidermy work.



Payments are made via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or card payment on site. We require a 50% of total day fee deposit for plains game hunts and a 50% trophy fee deposit for big game hunts.

Traditional African Dress

zimbabwe & botswana

A Ndloti guide will pick you up at OR Tambo International Airport. Thereafter, you will sleep one night and fly/drive to the destination country. No time will be spent at Ndloti lodge unless requested as these concessions are more than 1000km apart. All drinks and food included.


Max no of people that can be accommodated is two people. May through September are the best months to book these hunts.


Hunts can vary from camp or fly-camps - which are temporary structures and usually tented.  Hunting in these countries usually goes after one specific (high profile) species, but should other opportunities present themselves it is in your hands whether you would like to take the shot or not.

Plains game also available:

  • Waterbuck

  • Impala

  • Baboon

  • Bushbuck

  • Common Duiker                  

  • Kudu

  • Bushpig

  • Giraffe

  • Zebra

  • Blue Wildebees

  • Warthog      

Typical species to book a hunt for:


  • Leopard

  • African Buffalo

  • African Elephant

  • Lion                  

  • Hyena    


Plains Game - A Kalahari experience like no other, thick brush and soft sand give you a tracking opportunity that will make any plains game hunter want to go back time and time again. You will hunt on a 14000 acre high fenced ranch bordering the Central Kalahari game Reserve of Botswana. Hunting consists of looking for and finding fresh tracks of the species that you are targeting, tracking/stalking until a shot presents itself.

Plains Game Available:
• Steenbuck
• Impala
• Blue Wildebees
• Gemsbuck
• Red Heartebees
• Warthog
• Kudu
• Eland
• Zebra

Dangerous Game - Please contact the outfitter directly about these hunts.

  • Is the Lodge Wheelchair friendly?
  • What types of payment methods are accepted at the lodge?
    EFT payments and cards are accepted on site. We don't accept cash.
  • Is there Wi-Fi at camp?
    Yes, we have wi-fi available in the main lodge. Wi-fi calling is not recommended as we experience controlled blackouts (loadshedding) leading to poor signal.
  • What is the closest town to Ndloti?
    Both Zastron and Wepener are 40km away, which are two very small towns but you can get most necessities there. The biggest and closest City is Bloemfontein and that is 150 km away.
  • Do you have snakes?
    Yes, but keep in mind that snakes hibernate in wintertime. They move during November, December, January and February when it is warm.
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